August 25, 2008

Tuna and Salmon and Cobia, Oh My

While picking up about 40 pounds of meat at Farmer’s @ Firehouse last Saturday, made the usual stop at the best place for fresh seafood in Pittsburgh, Penn Avenue Fish Company.

We wanted to make some fish tacos, a desire of which I informed the staid fellow who is often there on Saturday mornings – a co-owner, I believe. So he suggested doing what Penn Ave. does for its fish tacos: a mixed grill of fresh fish. He gave me some chunks of tuna, salmon, and cobia for a reasonable price.

Next stop was just a block or two down Penn Ave., Reyna’s Mexican Grocery, for some fresh tortillas made in the store. Also picked up some store-made roasted tomatillo salsa and red corn chips. The end result was quite fantastic and a perfect summer meal.

For the fish, I made a quick marinade of diced cilantro, lime juice, about a tablespoon of chile powder, canola oil, salt and pepper.

Then used a mandolin to thinly slice some cabbage.

Next was a quick sauce comprised of about a half-cup of sour cream, half a lime, about a tablespoon of ancho chile powder, and a little squeeze of honey.

Finally, threw the fish on the grill over fairly high heat (and also heated the tortillas on the grill as well). In about 6-7 minutes, the fish was cooked. Removed it to a cutting board, gave it a rough chop, topped it with the slaw, the sauce, and some chopped yellow tomatoes from the garden.


Farmer Troy said...

Mmmmm . . . I love a good fish taco. I like to make them myself at home, but usually I am on the go,and don't always have good fish available to me, so I settle for the ones at Moe's Southwest Grille (various locations in Western, PA, including the newest in Market Square, Pittsburgh).

They have a good taco for the price, but it is not fabulous. Also, they used to use Chinese Tilapia, which I am opposed to, so I stopped eating them during the tainted pet food scandal, but now they have a different kind (I never ask . . . ignorance is bliss sometimes) and it is better than before. A true fish taco always has cabbage on it instead of lettuce and should be flavored with a squeeze of lime juice and optionally a sliver or three of thin avacado (my own additional, not very traditional).

Get hooked on a good fish taco!!

Yumm!! Wahoo!!!

Fillippelli the Cook said...

Funny that you mention Moe's. I took my son there recently because one of his favorite things are beef tacos (with cheese only), but he's not a fan of the ones we make at home, I guess because we don't rely on pre-made taco mixes and they tend to have a little heat.

Don't like taking my kids to fast-food joints, but can't always make good meals at home (not that they'll eat what we make anyway!). I ordered two fish tacos. I took two bites of one and, for the first time in my life, sent something back. It was terrible. I guess it was the "lemon-pepper" seasoning. They looked at me sort of funny, but I felt I had to at least let them know.

Perhaps it was just a bad day, somebody accidentally doubled the amount of seasoning or something. But it was downright terrible.

If you're ever in the Strip, try the fish tacos at Penn Ave. Served in a hard shell, they are, admittedly, unorthodox, but they are very good.

Farmer Troy said...

Yeah - Just like any food joint, sometimes you get bad food on a bad day. I'd say overall, I'd rather have a bad Moe's fish taco, than a "whaler" or a "filet-o-fish" anyday!!

I just don't make it a habit . . , everything in moderation, but stick to the good stuff most of all.

As Michael Pollan says . . .

Eat Food*
Not to much.
Mostly vegetables!

*The basic definition of food is something your great-great-grandmother would recognize.