March 21, 2010

Channel flipping and a drink recipe

In a state of disappointment following the Pitt loss in the big dance. Flipping through the channels as I go through some bills while enjoying a drink. My question: Is there anybody who thinks Guy Fieri is funny or entertaining or anything other than really freaking annoying?

As for that drink... this is for fans of the bitter. I am not sure what made me first try Campari, but it is now one of my favorite alcoholic beverages. Throughout the summer my beverage of choice is Campari and soda. More recently I've been enjoying the negroni: campari, gin, sweet vermouth.

More than two years ago, I ran across a post on a food blog that provided a recipe for a campari drink that incorporated blood oranges. Which led to my own blog post on said recipe, in which the many readers of LBoN (tee hee) were treated to a glorious picture of my somewhat freakishly large hands! Talk about a treat.

Well, with blood oranges available in the dominant local grocery chain, I've taken to making a drink with blood orange juice, and equal parts vodka and Campari. For one very full martini glass, I'd suggest using the juice of one blood orange, and 1.5 shots each of a good vodka and Campari. I have to think something like pomegranate juice would be a good substitute for the blood orange juice.

Or, heck, you can just look here, where you can find a ton of Campari drinks. Needless to say, the summer of 2010 will very likely go down as the Campari summer.

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