March 2, 2010

Scrapin' Up the Bits... 64,000-mile taco style

A collection of items, I'm overdue for a post and yet I'm feeling lazy. Know what that means? It's a rapid-fire Scrapin'...

First, meet the 64,000-mile taco.

Next, a good, quick, and mostly healthy recipe: fish teriyaki with sweet-and-sour cucumbers.

Speaking of Asian food, let me give another shout out to Yama Sushi in the northern 'burbs of Pittsburgh. Good food and great service, particularly if you have kids.

Back on the policy tip: junk food taxes may work better at getting people to eat healthy food than subsidies for healthy food. Why? The savings on the healthy food -- in a simulation -- were used to buy more junk food!

More policy: Bad U.S. agriculture policy = poor public health. Anybody in Congress listening?

Even more policy: Want to call your milk organic? Then you gotta give your cows plenty of room to graze and eat grass. I have to think that this might mean the demise of organic milk with a grocery store brand on it.

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