March 31, 2010

Beware the Giant Chocolate Bunny

Well, at least hide it from the kids! Yes, that's right, my wife -- smart, beautiful, sophisticated, and, most importantly, purchaser of raffle tickets for the 30-pound giant chocolate bunny, Eddie, from our favorite chocolatier, Edward Marc.

And darn it all if she didn't win the thing! And it's not just a 30-pound milk chocolate bunny. It's also an assortment of about 30 truffles (at least!).

So a big thank you to the folks at Edward Marc for Eddie. We -- and no doubt our family, friends, neighbors -- will enjoy it immensely!


Edward Marc Chocolatier said...

Thank you for your support of our partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater PA and Southern WVa!

Hope you all enjoy the chocolate; we would love to see how he "devolves" :) - keep us updated!

Thanks from The Edwards Family and everyone at Edward Marc Chocolatier!

Doug Coulter said...

What's the status of the ginormous bunny? How long did it actually last?!