January 27, 2008

Words to Eat By

While skimming through the February issue of Food & Wine, popping in and out of an article by Salma Abdelnour about a trip she took to Japan to pretty much do nothing but eat incredible food for five days (seriously, please, tell me, how does one get this job?!), I came across what Ms. Abdelnour described as the five “Buddhist-inspired principles” of eating:

1) Respect the labor of everyone whose work contributed to the meal

2) Commit good deeds worthy of sharing in the meal

3) Arrive at the table without any negative feelings toward others

4) Eat in order to achieve spiritual and physical well-being

5) Be dedicated to the pursuit of enlightment

Now I can’t say that I follow these five rules, although I’d like to think that, at any one moment, without really thinking about it, I’m generally following two or three. Unless we're making pizzas -- for which my wife is primarily responsible -- then I'm closer to five of five.

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