April 18, 2008

They're baa...aack!

Fresh herbs, that is.

After a whiny -- probably overly so -- post last fall lamenting the disappearance of fresh herbs from our little patio-side and lawn gardens, I suppose it's incumbent upon me to likewise celebrate their return.

And, indeed, I'm waaaayyy excited. Probably overly so.

In any case, they may not look like much yet, but soon I'll be mining these bad boys on an almost daily basis.

First, and a nice surprise, cilantro, which, unexpectedly, returned of its own accord.

Next, some very robust looking tarragon.

Finally, some illustrious oregano, soon destined to be mixed with crushed San Marzanos and gently spread atop some pizza dough.

Others are on the way: Chives already look fantastic. The tiniest leaves of mint and sage and thyme are peaking out. Flat-leaf parsley and basil will be planted within a few weeks...

Seriously, can I get an Amen!?

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