August 3, 2009

Fritto Misto

One of the first shots from my new camera with its "food" setting -- obviously there are way too many food bloggers out there!

We typically follow the Mario Batali recipe from Simple Italian Food for this recipe: a batter composed of flour, salt, baking soda, water, and olive oil. Dip the veg in the batter and fry. We used canola oil, maintained at about 350 degrees.

For this go-round, we had green beans, cauliflower, and zucchini, topped with some fried sage leaves. On the side, some cheese (from grass-fed cows) that friends of ours picked up at a farm in upstate New York. Remarkably fantastic combination of flavors, particularly when washed down with a grenache.

The frying knocks down the health quotient a bit, but man is this a fantastic way to enjoy summer vegetables.


Troy said...

Looks delicious!

One observation, unless you used organic canola oil, you are probably getting a good dose of GMOs in your canola.

I prefer olive oil.

Speaking of olive oil, have you seen this on food labels? "EVOO"

It stands for extra virgin olive oil. I have seen it on at least one locally produced food label.


Fillippelli the (Wannabe) Cook said...

In this case, you're probably right that I got a whole lot of GMO along with my veg.

We typically buy Hahn brand canola oil, when I can find it (Whole Foods carries it usually), which is GMO-free.