November 30, 2007

Impromptu lunch

I work at home and most days eat lunch at home. At this point, I’ve found some frozen items that aren’t too shabby in terms of taste and healthful ingredients. One day about two weeks ago, the thought of eating anything that just a few minutes before had been frozen turned my stomach, a plain-Jane sandwich was something I just couldn't consider, and the few places in close proximity to my basement cave did not seem to justify the effort or cost.

So I opened the fridge and, with little hope, took a quick appraisal of what could pass for lunch. The (local, free-range) eggs (from Misera's) caught my eye. As did the tortillas. Light bulb: Breakfast Burrito, only... for lunch.

I quickly got to work. I finely diced a little onion, half a clove of garlic, and a little jalapeño left over from a prior meal for which its use was, in the end, not required. In the meats and cheeses drawer was a knob of smoked cheddar, so I cut up about a quarter-cups worth.

Then I beat two eggs, and added some salt and pepper, sauted the onion and garlic in a little butter until they were tender, added the jalapeño, gave it a minute, and then added the eggs. When they started to show signs of firmness, I added the cheese, gave it a minute or two to make the eggs cheesy, and finally nestled the whole thing into the tortilla, and shook on a few dashes of Cholula! (If only I’d had some cilantro!).

To drink, I cracked open a canned guava drink I got at the grocery store a few weeks ago. From no lunch to a delectable meal in about 15 minutes. Mangia!

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