November 9, 2007

Scrapin' Up the Bits, Quickie Style

Been on business travel, so some quick hits…

First, top of my Christmas wish list: Michael Pollan’s new book, due out in January.

Second, New York Times had an article earlier this week about the growing interest in “food science” and chefs using chemicals and such to do fun, funky things with their foie gras. Um, eh, not so… appealing. Maybe it’s just me.

Third, get yerself a turkey from a local farm this year. I’ll bet a six-pack of Anchor Merry Christmas Happy New Year that it will be one of the best you’ve ever had.

And lastly, if you never had one, make it a point in your life to get a Peruvian-style roast chicken. There are many Peruvian chicken places in the D.C. area. Had some from one such place, Crisp & Juicy, for lunch on Friday. With, of course, yucca fries and fried plantains. That stuff brings out the inner-Homer in me: Oooohhhhh.

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