October 26, 2008

Seeds of the Pumpkin

It's always fun to jam a knife into a pumpkin, get your hands all dreadfully sticky with pumpkin goo, create some facial features that, once illuminated in the dark, look enticingly creepy. Yeah, that's fun, particularly if there are young kids spewing "groooss" and "ewww" as they bury their arms into a freshly decapitated pumpkin.

But let's face it. Cutting up a pumpkin is just a convenient excuse to make roasted pumpkin seeds. But I'm always surprised at the lack of creativity in the pumpkin seed recipes on the Web. Oil, salt, and pepper. Oooh. Should I dip them in ketchup, too?

It's not like it's very difficult to make roasted pumpkin seeds a little more exciting. Howsabout some butter, salt, pepper, cinnamon, and a few dashes of cayenne.

See, it's not that hard...

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