April 15, 2010

Your Small Farmer Needs You

So, if, like me, you:

  • Love your CSA
  • Really enjoy farm markets like Farmers @ Firehouse in the Strip
  • Like your small farmers and trust them more than the huge agri-corporations that produce/control something like 95+ percent of the food in this country
  • Are a little terrified by the number of massive food recalls due to scary thingies in said food
  • Feel a need every once in a while to be proactive instead of letting things just happen

Then... you should probably go here and send a letter to your Senators to let them know that 1) you believe in food safety, but 2) the problem is not with the little sustainable/organic/family farms, it's those really big-a@#$ guys who are wreaking all of the havoc.

In other words, a one-size-fits-all approach to improving food safety standards will not work and will only serve to hurt the little guy and, in the end, potentially decrease food safety.

So perform your civic duty and then enjoy the weekend.

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