May 14, 2010

Oh, Pho, How I Miss Thee

That picture is just a killer. I really do miss the flavors and pleasure (and slurping) of a big bowl of pho.

Makes me realize that I really need to finally make it to Tram's Kitchen in Lawrenceville.


Corey said...

Tram's is amazing. It's by far my favorite bowl of pho out of the half dozen places I've tried, although I read a few reviews on Urbanspoon that make me really want to try Vietnam's Pho in the Strip.

Fillippelli the Eater said...

Have seen the place in the Strip. Figure I'll start with Tram's, and then try Vietnam's pho.

I would try to make my own pho, but from my reading it appears that, if you're going to do it right, it takes quite a bit of effort and I suspect the end result just won't be as good as what I might get from a place like Tram's.