May 3, 2011

Scrapin' Up the Bits... Quicky Style

Busy days, and busy nights, I suppose. Little time for superfluous things, like blogging, but some really interesting items for your consumption:

First, help the fine folks at Legume get a beautiful kitchen. Kick them $5 or $10, eh?

Next, uh, that "fresh tilapia" you just ordered? Yeah, good chance it was previously frozen and came from China (where who knows what they fed the thing). A must read, IMO.

Finally, all this debate about gas prices and energy. One of the biggest sources of energy consumption: food production.

And in the middle of this article, a really intriguing -- and disturbing -- question: Why in a state like Iowa, flush with great farmland -- are produce sections replete with produce grown a couple of thousand of miles away?

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