March 25, 2011

Scrapin' Up the Bits...

Lots to discuss, read, ingest (intellectually, that is).

No photos, please... or we'll send you to jail. Seriously.

Angered by repeated releases of secretly filmed videos claiming to show the mistreatment of farm animals, Iowa’s agriculture industry is pushing legislation that would make it illegal for animal rights activists to produce and distribute such images.

Agriculture committees in the Iowa House and Senate have approved a bill that would prohibit such recordings and punish people who take agriculture jobs only to gain access to animals to record their treatment. Proposed penalties include fines of up to $7,500 and up to five years in prison. Votes by the full House and Senate have not yet been set.

Baby carrots. Ubiquitous. Kid friendly. Cute. Also a very big business. Read the whole thing.

Unlike me, Mark Bittman can find a few good food/agriculture-related issues to blog about.

I have this strange thing. I write for a living. I enjoy reading, although I don't get to as much as I would like. And I really like wine.

But I don't like reading about wine. And that's because the writing (and writers, who are often deeply entrenched in the wine culture and world) is too often insular, snooty, over-the-top, self-concerned... In other words, it makes me wish I didn't like wine so much. Just thought I'd get that out there.

Finally, the Post-Gazette's food critic has nice things to say about a restaurant with particularly high culinary ambitions that, inexplicably, opened in the city's northern suburbs -- not a place known for such restaurants (or, for that matter, people who are interested in such restaurants).

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